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Should I know what that means?

I don’t know.  -Raises an eyebrow, smiles a little- Should you?


It’s been pretty calm on my end too. I’ve still been working, but things have been a little too easy.

Yeah. -Nods- My fire’s being wasted…when it’s not being put out. 


Not much, to be honest. Just been wandering, I guess.

I see. Things do need to heat up a little around here. I haven’t seen a bad guy in days. -Frowns a little- 


*shrugs his shoulders* Eh, can’t complain.

Cool. So, what brings you around here?


Heh, yeah. So, uh, how’ve you been?

I’ve been alright. You?


*chuckles* Thanks for noticin’. I’m Sam, good to meet you.

Guinevere. A pleasure, I’m sure.

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I was nocurseindragonsong, now I’m fireanddragonsong


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“Hello.” Haven flapped her dark wings once and waved.

"Hello there," She replied, glancing at the other’s wings with curiosity. "Nice wings."

Oh, hello there, Miss.


” I see I guess this world has some problems with different beings am I right? ”

"Well, most of the ‘enemies’ are usually space monsters or super-powered villians. Or robots."

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Powers? As in more than one?

Well, my father’s species knew how to use telepathy as well as the usual fire. I can talk to people using thoughts, but the other stuff is still beyond me. So I rely on my firepower to kick enemy butts.