Can't take the heat? Don't tickle the dragon.



Pretty good, thanks!

My name’s Guinevere, who may you be?

You know what I’ve really wanted to do. Say to someone…”I will burn the heart out of you.” -Laughs a little- I don’t know. I saw it on a show and it seemed like a fun little threat or idea. -Shrugs-

fireanddragonsong started following you


-Smiles- Hows it going?

Hey there. It’s going alright, and you?


Not much, to be honest. Just been wandering, I guess.

I see. Things do need to heat up a little around here. I haven’t seen a bad guy in days. -Frowns a little- 


*shrugs his shoulders* Eh, can’t complain.

Cool. So, what brings you around here?


Heh, yeah. So, uh, how’ve you been?

I’ve been alright. You?


*chuckles* Thanks for noticin’. I’m Sam, good to meet you.

Guinevere. A pleasure, I’m sure.

Another visitor!


Six months ago. {trembled} Shot in the face by a serial killer. Look, just get me outta here, alright? Por favor?

Yeah, if I knew how to do that, then I would. But I don’t.

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You what I really feel like? Aniseed. Love the taste.