Can't take the heat? Don't tickle the dragon.


New muse

Okay, almost 2am and I need the sleep.

Because otherwise I’ll end up going completely loco. Thank god for spell-check also

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I’m Barry. Barry Allen. It’s pleasure to meet you, Guinevere. *holds out a hand to shake with a smile*

-Shakes his hand- Nice to meet you too.


Um. I don’t know, either. If you don’t mind me asking, what does it mean?

 It means this. -Swirls a little flame around her finger-

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Good evening.

Good evening. Name’s Guinevere, who may you be?

You know that film, Silent Hill. I’ve always wanted to try that thing with the part where the Alessa ghost girl was all like “Look at me, I’m burning” with the fire and all. That would be so much fun, to imagine the look on people’s faces.


Should I know what that means?

I don’t know.  -Raises an eyebrow, smiles a little- Should you?

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Ship me with someone and I’ll kiss them.

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It’s been pretty calm on my end too. I’ve still been working, but things have been a little too easy.

Yeah. -Nods- My fire’s being wasted…when it’s not being put out.